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Alexander Rauser

Alexander Rauser is a digital transformation expert, consultant, and CEO of Prototype.

He wrote two books on digital strategy and transformation; and designed the DSX program and workshop to help enterprises identify opportunities to improve how they operate through purposeful digital technology investments.

Digital Transformation Expert, Alexander Rauser, during a talk
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Alexander Rauser is the author of Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability and Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation, and creator of the DSX Program, a digital strategy and transformation program for Enterprises.

When the first-ever MP3 players popped on the scene, followed in 2001 by Apple’s iPod, this new tech disrupted the music industry, including the company Alexander worked so passionately for. That event opened his eyes to just how quickly an entire industry can be turned on its head.

Based on these events he made it his personal mission to be a digital transformation expert and help enterprises across industries, by implementing practical methods of technology utilization, innovation, and operations transformation, he has helped countless brands improve their digital footprints.

His team has worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to multinational firms. Throughout this work, they have obtained a uniquely deep insight into the toughest digital transformation challenges faced by organizations today.

He founded his company, Prototype, in 2010. Prototype is a Digital Strategy & Transformation agency that offers organizations of all sizes a guide to achieving success in digital transformation via a highly skilled team of UX, development, and marketing experts.

Digital Strategy Book by Alexander Rauser

Alexander and his team at Prototype since then had the opportunity to work with customers ranging from international brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Emirates Airlines as well as startups and industry disruptors.

Prototype has also given indispensable insights to other companies in the tech, finance, telecommunications, hospitality, and real estate industries.

With the combined experience on Alexander’s team, they can successfully lead your company through the entire innovation and digitization processes with the help of the DSX programs.


Digital Strategy: A guide to Digital Business Transformation:

Practical solutions for modern enterprises to establish a simple model that drives their digital innovation programs.

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Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability:

From the server room to the boardroom. Equipping top executives with the tools to ensure future digital success.

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Solving your Digital Transformation Challenges

It's our mission to help executives and entrepreneurs to maximize ROI on their digital strategy, transformation, and technology projects.

Digital Experience Consultant, Alexander Rauser session

Instead of focusing on the business as a whole, our method focuses on individual business objectives and, therefore, creates value much faster than conventional transformation frameworks.

The DSX program offers:

  • A reduction in costs by quickly validating and implementing new digital initiatives.
  • The avoidance of vendor lock-ins, and ability to maintain control of your digital future.
  • The fastest time-to-value digital transformation implementation method.
Digital Strategy plan diagram

While conventionally, a digital transformation project is the result of a single strategy, the DSX programs fully customizable model allows creating unlimited sub-strategies that are aligned to the overall enterprise goals and rolled out in small iterative cycles. The result is a faster return on investment.

This method also further allows for greater flexibility when it comes to large enterprises with multiple brands and business units.

Gustavo Fuchs,<br>GM, Cloud & Solutions Asia
arrow Working with the team at Prototype always helped me achieve Microsoft objectives.
Joanne Cullen Griffin
arrow Prototype continues to provide Emirates digital with excellent service. They actively create exciting ideas and offer learning opportunities to assist us in keeping our teams engaged.
Emad Kamal, Head of UX
arrow Prototype team is supporting us with everything they can. If you're looking for a professional and fast team to support you in development and design, they're the team!
Ali Inam, Head of Marketing
arrow I've had a wonderful experience working with the team. They've been on-point, strategic, and delivered to the brief and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Digital Transformation Team
Digital Transformation Team

Work with me and my team at Prototype

Our system is perfect for all business managers from entrepreneurs to C-level executives.

Regardless of how many digital tools are in your company belt, Alexander and his team of digital transformation experts at Prototype can help you streamline everything into one cohesive strategy that helps you maximize your ROI, no matter what your project is.

By evaluating all of your current platforms, we help you define process performance measurements and design a plan that helps your brand continuously evolve, improve, and outperform your competition.

Digital Transformation Training
Digital Transformation Training

The DSX Program guides you through a proven 10-step method that evaluates your entire digital landscape.

This program is for you if you’re a business that…

  • Needs a proven step by step method that audits, plans, and enhances your digital performance
  • Is looking for ways to improve your bottom line by saving on operational costs, optimizing current processes, or initiating more revenue.
  • Plans on enhancing its customer experience by the introduction of new digital offerings or optimizing your existing channels to optimize overall performance
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Our DSX Packages generate positive business value, optimize your processes, and delight your current customers while bringing in new prospects. Contact Prototype for personalized packages based on your requirements.

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If any of the above has ever been a pain point or a concern for you and your brand, reach out and our digital business consultants will lead you to your future digital success.

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