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Beauty Molecule - a startup solution to busy lives and a new way to deliver wellness in Dubai

Dubai’s most exciting new beauty start-up, Beauty Molecule, was created to meet the needs of busy women who don’t have enough time to fit everything in. Their hair, nails, beauty and wellness treatments can become neglected, even though Dubai has plenty of salons.

What is Beauty Molecule?

Many Dubai women juggle packed work schedules, families, social lives and long commutes. For the millennial woman, it is sometimes impossible to visit the salon on top of everything else. Essential beauty treatments, such as manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, colour and styling and wellness therapies like hot stone massage and facials are important when you want to look and feel good. But if you can’t get to the salon, what can you do?

Agnieszka and Bolutiwi at Beauty Molecule provide the answer by bringing the treatments and therapies to your home and office saying “We thought that wasn’t right. We all deserve to look and feel good.”

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How does Beauty Molecule help busy women?

Beauty Molecule is all about convenience for people who want to use professional beauty and wellness services. Instead of taking a trip across town, the therapists come to your home. You save at least thirty minutes to an hour of travel time, but you get the same fantastic service.

Busy schedules can work in two ways: a window of opportunity can suddenly appear - maybe something else gets cancelled - and you want a service at short notice or there may be a regular slot in your week that could fit in a treatment but can’t fit travel time as well. An on-demand same-day service and advance booking features mean both kinds of clients can benefit from Beauty Molecule’s service.

What’s the story behind Beauty Molecule?

Agnieszka and Bolutiwi are entrepreneurs based in Dubai. Together they are Beauty Molecule. They spotted a gap in the market and are working with Prototype using a lean start-up model to develop the right technology to support the business.

It’s clear Beauty Molecule love what they do. They also empower other women in the beauty arena that want to work for themselves. Freelancers share their availability and Agnieszka and Bolutiwi match clients to them. Stay-at-home moms as well as part-time or full-time therapists and technicians, who want more control over when and where they work, can use Beauty Molecule rather than the traditional salon model.

Bolutiwi says “it's about helping people who have talent and who are qualified create a way to influence or to be empowered once you earn money, so that's where we also want to pitch in.”

How does the Beauty Molecule service work?

At the moment clients contact the service via the website platform [link needed]. It describes the services and connects them with the team. This way they ensure the quality of the service right from the start. They match individual clients’ needs with one of their beauty and wellness partners who is available at that time.

In the future, their app will integrate all these features. Beauty Molecule’s vision is to invest in the web platform and app and scale up to serve thousands of customers in Dubai and, hopefully, other countries.

How does Beauty Molecule find its clients?

We take a two-pronged approach to creating and reaching demand. There are corporate avenues, so we’re leveraging our network that way, and then there are, of course, the individuals. Because Beauty Molecule is lean, we are able to react and innovate our approach so we can find clients who realise how much our service could work for them.

What challenges are there for startups like Beauty Molecule?

Startups can get caught up trying to make everything perfect so they delay and delay. But there is never a perfect launch so Agnieszka and Bolutiwi decided to get out there and make it happen. To build an app of the quality and standard that they want wasn’t cost effective at the beginning. But by adapting the platform as we grow, we can scale to meet the client’s needs, testing and improving as we move in a lean business model.

Many startups think they just want an app. But that’s back to front. Entrepreneurs “need to get that they are developing a business, which the app will serve.” Founders need to understand their business processes and issues so that the app serves them, not the other way round.

What advice would Beauty Molecule give other start ups?

Dubai is startup friendly. There's a lot of support. You just need to know where to look. There are so many communities that offer excellent advice and networking opportunities, and that's how we learned, really, really through word of mouth and research.

One key thing to remember if you want to operate in UAE is that you might have to choose a local partner so it’s important to learn a lot about those rules. Finding the right way for your business model can be quite challenging because there are so many regulations in the Middle East, but Beauty Molecule found a way and amazing support too.

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