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Highlights from the Telerik Mobile Connections Conference

On May 1 2014, Telerik Sitefinity joined forces with Prototype Interactive to host a Telerik Mobile Connections Event in Dubai. The conference was focused on introducing the Telerik Platform and the new features in mobile and web development. This blog looks into the highlights from the event that was a huge success.

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Highlights from the Telerik Mobile Connections Conference

Highlights from the Telerik Mobile Connections Conference

What’s New in Windows Phone 8.1 Development

The event kicked off with a chat about what is new for developers in Windows Phone 8.1 and how Windows Universal Apps can be used to extend development to the Windows Store. This session also delved into new devices on the market and new features from both Nokia and Microsoft.

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End-to-End Mobile Development with the Telerik Platform

This session gave an in depth look into the Telerik Platform and how it can be used to develop, test, deploy and monitor mobile apps across all platforms. This session covered the app lifecycle from end to end and looked at design and deployment for any approach from web, hybrid or native.

Capturing Mobile Moments – On the Web and Beyond

Currently everything points towards giving users mobile-ready experiences. So far the industry has responded with several different approaches each with its own set of pros and cons. This session focused on each of these approaches and researched how to translate marketing opportunities into a technological solution that fits.

Responsive Web Development with Telerik Sitefinity

This session showcased the best practices on responsive frameworks with a focus on developing responsive websites using Sitefinity and Visual Studio. The session took the audience through a regional website built on Sitefinity and also explored de-bugging using Internet Explorer 11.

Building Mobile Apps with the Telerik Platform

This final session looked at hybrid apps and how you can use the Telerik Platform to do this. The app is designed to communicate with both an existing SQL Database and public Backend Service.

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