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How can content syndication help your brand to reach more customers?

Think about how much time and money your company spends each month to [create engaging and relevant content ]for your audience, whether it be a webinar, whitepaper, case study and so on. Even though it is important for customer relations and for SEO to continue to add new content to your website all the time, this content typically only reaches your immediate audience. With all the effort that goes into the content, it’s a shame it doesn’t have further reach.

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How can content syndication help your brand to reach more customers?

How can content syndication help your brand to reach more customers?

Enter content syndication. Content syndication helps you to expand your reach beyond your immediate audience and can lead to new leads for your business. This blog explores the concept of content syndication and how it can be used to help your brand reach more customers.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is the redistribution of your content by third parties to increase the reach of that content beyond your organic audience. There are a few distinct channels that brands use to help expand the audience of their assets:

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  • Content Recommendation Platforms
    Content recommendation platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain show recommended, relevant readings and articles at the bottom of webpages and articles. These types of 3rd party distributors let marketers target customers by topic and interest and serve content aligned with these reading preferences.
  • RSS Feeds
    RSS feeds aren’t as popular as they used to be, however they still offer a way for brands to easily push out their content to feed subscribers. This method is very popular for blogs, and RSS feeds used to be the main way users consumed content before social media platforms like Facebook took over.
  • Influencer Marketing
    Influencer marketing is in high demand, with up to 84% of users placing trust in their peers and family members than brands. Brands are hand picking relevant influencers to help promote their brands to consumers indirectly via content on their blogs or social media channels such as Instagram. Check out our latest article: The Increasing demand for Online Influencers, is it going to last?

By syndicating your content you will optimize the ROI from your content marketing efforts and potentially reach hundreds and even thousands of new people and potential leads. This, in turn, also promotes your brand awareness, and if a user doesn’t sign up immediately, they have touched your brand, something that is very valuable.

Content syndication helps to position your content as credible and generates backlinks, a feature that helps to boost your SEO efforts. The more relevant and valuable backlinks your content receives the higher the page authority will be for that page. Similarly, the more exposure you gain on social media as users beyond your initial audience begin to share your content, the higher your content will rank in search results. The backlink and social signals are valued high by Google and really impact your search rankings.

The benefits of content syndication are clear: It helps your brand to generate more leads, improve your digital marketing performance and extend your reputation as an expert. Have you tried content syndication before? Tell us what your thought over on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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