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How to Build a YouTube Marketing Strategy for Healthcare

You Tube generates more than one billion unique visitors every month so it is no surprise that when it comes to your online marketing strategy, video is growing fast. With so many people on the video-viewing channel, and with the recent boom in Facebook video, both platforms offer healthcare brands a way to connect online with customers, both new and old. With growing competition in the healthcare industry, healthcare brands are recognising the need to promote brand awareness, and what better way than via video. Video is a way to attract new patients, retain current business and boost SEO. This blog finds out more:

How to Build a YouTube Marketing Strategy for Healthcare

Why Video?

With new technology, video has become an effective and relatively inexpensive way to share information with an audience. If the right content is chosen and well executed, a good video can communicate in an instant the feel of a brand. For healthcare brands this is invaluable, especially if patients feel secure before even stepping foot inside the facility. Video can tell the story of a patient, an employee, even the healthcare facility as a whole in an accessible way for all types of people.

Use Your YouTube as Your Second Website

YouTube makes it easy to launch a dedicated page to showcase all the highlights of your facility, practice or business. You can customize the layout, colours, brand as well as offer a way for online customers to subscribe to your channel allowing for repeat visitors. One tip is to organise your channel by grouping or topic, thus improving the user experience on your YouTube channel. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to find relevant content, especially if you are a larger, more-complex business like a regional hospital.

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Update Content Regularly

There is one important thing to remember here. Content needs to have quality before you have quantity, so make sure your content is of high value before you start uploading video after video. There are no exact rules as to how often you should upload content, however it should be at least 3-5 times per month to be successful. Think about the types of content users will be looking for: Virtual tour of facility, explanations of procedures, introductions to members of staff and fundraisers for local charities. Visitors want to feel instantly warm and safe in your brand’s world both on and offline - let video help send this message.

Don’t Leave SEO Behind

Sometimes it is such a relief to upload video content and set it live, that the SEO best practice for video is forgotten. Text on videos helps to communicate with search engines what the video content is about and is an opportunity to optimize the video for certain keywords to make the video more searchable in YouTube. Always include keywords and a link to your website in the video description.

Lastly remember to cross-promote your content to get subscribers - share videos on other social media channels, email and even in the building during meetings with customer and vendors. Once you have a subscriber you can begin to consider what that means for the lifetime value of that customer.

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