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How to handle mobile/device upgrades in your mobile app development

It's one thing to decide on the right mobile platform and strategy for your mobile app development in Dubai, bearing in mind your core objectives, target audience and budget... but what happens if, with the development of your app coming along nicely, a new version of your intended device or OS is launched? With new devices and operating systems being launched on a regular basis by Apple, Samsung and other major players, it's a very real possibility.

It's likely, after all, that many of your customers will ask for a version of your app that has been tailored to the latest device or OS, so ensuring that the right support is there would seem a wise move for your market position. One thing that project managers in this situation should certainly do is immediately bring it to the attention of stakeholders, who should always know of any new version of a company app that is being launched for a new device or OS, even if it is your team's responsibility to directly handle any changes.

The impact of any decision to update your app should also be carefully studied and analysed. Your tech team should be well-versed in the exact changes that need to be made, and how they will be made. There may be new hardware, UI or code libraries - regardless, your team will need to have a good understanding of the technical side. Project managers need to get together with their tech team and consider the impact in terms of time and/or budget, considering what may be the best alternative means of overseeing the changes to deliver the project.

It will be necessary to estimate the additional time required to carry out such changes as part of your app development in Dubai, and the associated implications in terms of time and cost. The known risk factors will need to be carefully considered, too. It's not possible to assess everything immediately when you're developing for a new device or OS, which makes it necessary to leave your implementation strategy open to modification as you improve your understanding of the update.

By bearing all of these factors in mind, you can be so much more successful in adapting your app development in Dubai to any upgrades to the target device or mobile platform that may be announced.

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