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How to use Pinterest Awesomely to Promote Your Business?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that is now arguably one of the top social media platforms with over 25 million users. Pinterest has been making it easier for brands to commercially promote themselves in the Pinterest space with their business pages. Businesses can promote their product, generate sales and use it commercially with no concerns or worries. This blog seeks to explore how your business can use Pinterest commercially to promote your brand.

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How to use Pinterest Awesomely to Promote Your Business?

Build an audience

The first thing you want to do on Pinterest is build your community first and then start to sell. You need to gain the trust from your audience that you are happy just to share ideas as opposed to directly sell your product(s). You want your audience to be able to recognize your brand and you want to gain as many likes, repins and comments as possible. This will give your profile recognition as a trustworthy source.

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Build your boards


You need to break down your own brand into categories and create boards around each category. For example, if you are a resort hotel, you can create boards on the pool, the events venue, the restaurants, the fitness center and so on. If you only have one product, then focus on your genre. If you only sell armchairs then build boards on home décor and build a following from being a key influencer in interior design.




Each brand has a main product to sell, and you need to highlight this main product. If you are selling wedding dresses but you have boards to do with every part of a wedding, then you need to highlight your dresses in a board by themselves at the top of your Pinterest profile. You can also list your most popular products and add a ranking to each product so your audience knows what everybody else likes. Consumers love to have the most popular items available and to feel like they have the best of the best. Help them find your best of the best. 


Add the price?


Including the price in the description of your product is fine. Putting the price on the image you have ‘pinned’ is not ideal. It is too salesperson and pushy. A simple description with the price is fine and a call to action that sends the consumer to your website is acceptable. Only pin your products once and avoid repining it everyday – again, too sale-sy. You need to ensure you categorize your boards efficiently instead of pinning the same things everyday.




Holidays and seasons are great on Pinterest as this is the time when consumers are looking for new ideas to make this holiday count. Key holidays are Thanksgiving (USA), Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Ramadan, Eid and National Day. Give your audience new ideas and pin products relevant to that holiday. Post that board at the top of your profile during that season and make sure it leads back to your website – perhaps to a blog if your product doesn’t specifically fit with the holiday. 


Show your soft side

Don’t just build around your products all the time. Add funny quotes or cute pictures of puppies every once and a while to give your brand personality. Quotes, babies, puppies and cats are big sellers on Pinterest when it comes to repins so this can also be a great way to build your community.

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