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Online App Store in the UAE

Etisalat has decided to build their own online app store suited to the needs of the local population. Android and Symbian users will be able to purchase apps such as Angry Birds or access Facebook using their Etisalat accounts in a few weeks time.

The Director of the Online Channel and Portal Management at Etisalat, Maha Muraish says that this move initiated by them is to encourage potential developers in the UAE to create applications that are beneficial to the community in this region (Source: The National).

Alexander Rauser, CEO of Prototype Interactive thinks that this would be a great opportunity for developers to make money out of this plan provided Etisalat offers attractive downloads and payouts. He feels that this initiative by Etisalat might also be able to get a vast developer community started here in the country as there is currently just a countable number of them interested in mobile app development services.

Read the full article on The National :)

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