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Prototype Interactive helps CBD develop non-traditional online banking

Prototype Interactive recently developed the Commercial Bank of Dubai website offering users an entirely new face of online banking. The banking website is the first of its kind in the region and users can access the responsive platform on their smartphones, laptop or desktop. Here are some of the new features you can find on the website:

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Prototype Interactive helps CBD develop non-traditional online banking

Personalised Banking: This website takes personalised banking to a new level with the new Users can now complete of multitude of banking tasks on this new platform from managing their finances to setting and achieving long-term goals.

Finance Management Tool: The new Personal Finance Management Tool acts as an aid to customers to help them understand their spending habits. It gives users a chance to completely control their finances that, in turn, helps them accomplish their long-term financial goals, such as buying a car or putting a mortgage down on a home. The features are very user-friendly and can be customised to each individual customer to suit their needs. Two examples are:

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  • The online dashboard allows customers to find a snapshot of all their outgoing expenses and identify where they tend to overspend on certain items. This helps customers to budget more effectively.
  • Customers can set limits for certain things they do every month, such as a financial limit on eating out at a restaurant. With handy red, amber and green bars, users can see how they are performing each month.
  • Budget and track is a feature that allows customers to track their spending, income and budget via various graphs.

Sara: Sara is a tool inspired by Apple’s Siri. Sara is a Virtual Banking Assistant that can chat logically with customers about their finances at any time of the day – ideal for those insomniac worriers. This tool increases both customer engagement and the overall satisfaction of CBD’s customers. She can also act as the mediator between a customer and the CBD call centre.

For more information head over to the website.

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