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The Kinect for Windows SDK is available to everyone to create applications for THE KINECT. The toolkit includes everything you would need to start up - drivers, installation/help documents, rich APIs for raw sensor streams and human motion tracking and resource materials. All you need to do is think out of the box because the opportunities with Kinect are endless!

Kinect Experiments from Prototype Interactive on Vimeo.

At Prototype, we like to keep learning and engaging ourselves with new/different technologies out in the market. Hence, we did a ‘Kinect Experiment’. Using the Kinect SDK and XNA, we built some simple demos to move objects and simulate 3D using head tracking (see the video).

If not interested in developing for Kinect, you will definitely learn some dance moves

Check the links below to see more Kinect demos:

Kinect Demos at MIX11 with Channel 9 team

Kinect Football Game at University of Central Florida

Kinect Controls Windows 7

Water Effect using Kinect by Skive Labs

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