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Prototype Presented with Sitefinity Partner of the Quarter Award

Prototype Interactive was presented with the Partner of the Quarter Award from Telerik Sitefinity for the second quarter of 2014. This is a huge achievement for the company and Prototype Interactive is excited to continue developing this relationship with Sitefinity into the future. Here are the details of the award:

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Prototype Presented with Sitefinity Partner of the Quarter Award

The Sitefinity Partner of the Quarter award honors those Sitefinity Solution Partners for their outstanding achievements throughout the quarter and for their enthusiasm and dedication to the Sitefinity platform. Winners are selected on an internal voting system based on the nominee’s achievements. Prototype was selected based on the following projects.

Telerik Mobile Connections Conference: In May 2014, Prototype Interactive helped to organise and participated in the Telerik Mobile Connections conference in Dubai. The event was co-hosted by Microsoft and Nokia and attracted many technology experts from across the region. The conference discussed everything from the latest and greatest solutions in native, hybrid and responsive mobile development through to maximising efficiency and delivering at scale by providing responsive tooling and mobile app content management directly to your business user. The turnout was high and the event was a great success.

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Sitefinity video: Prototype Interactive also produced a vlog that focused on “Why Sitefinity is good for Marketers”, the first in a series of vlogs promoting the Sitefinity platform. The vlog focuses on how marketers can more effectively reach their target audience. Watch it here.

Sitefinity Partner Content Syndication Program: Prototype took part in the Sitefinity Partner Content Syndication Program cross promoting Sitefinity on the Prototype blog

Certification: Lastly, Prototype Interactive has managed to certify another Sitefinity developer and they have certified their first Sitefinity business consultant.

Prototype Interactive has thoroughly embraced the Telerik Sitefinity so far and looks forward to many more collaborative projects with this new alliance.

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