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Prototype Uses Telerik Platform to Create HTML5 Hybrid Apps

Prototype Interactive was commissioned by Tecom Investments to develop two new apps: Tecom Suggest and Tecom Direct. Tecom Investments needed the apps completed in just 6 short weeks, a feat that the Prototype Team achieved with the help of the Telerik Platform an Android, Windows phone, and iOS mobile development platform. This blog looks into the benefits the Telerik Platform has for developers creating applications targeting top mobile platforms.

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Prototype Uses Telerik Platform to Create HTML5 Hybrid Apps

Telerik Platform

The Telerik Platform is a cross-platform mobile development solution for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that you can use with the web technologies you are already familiar with such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript. The platform enables you to create hybrid or native mobile apps and you can design, build, connect, test, deploy, manage and measure your apps with ease. Here are some of the benefits that Prototype experienced with the Tecom project.

Time to market:

This really is the essence of why this platform is so good – development time is literally cut in half with the Telerik Platform. We were able to completely design, test and deploy the two new hybrid apps for Tecom in four to six weeks. Add to this the fact that the app was launched on multiple platforms at the same time and you have yourself a winner.

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Coding and Testing:

This segment of development is also trimmed down by using Telerik Platform with much less code and testing time required. You can code in your own Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or in the one provided by Telerik. When it comes to testing, you can use automated testing to find problems by continually testing your app on multiple mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

Cloud Services:

Telerik makes life easy for the developer because you don’t need to have several devices to get the job done. The in cloud compilation for iOS means developers don’t need different devices (Macs) for iOS and can use their common development tool chain to complete their apps. In addition to this, when you execute code in the cloud, updates automatically become available across all your mobile services.

Want to read about more of the features? Take a look here.

Have you had a chance to use the Telerik Platform. What did you think? Share your thoughts with us!

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