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Review of the New iPad Air.

In usual style, when one big player in the computer and mobile industry calls a global keynote event, so does another and this Tuesday was no different than normal. Practically simultaneously, Nokia announced their first Window’s tablet whilst Apple launched their latest in tablet technology, the iPad Air. Prototype took a look at Apple’s latest new toy and in this blog you will find our opinion of this newest development from Apple. We know you are desperate to find out if Apple’s air is more than just hot air, so we will dive right in.

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Review of the New iPad Air.

Quick facts:

• Thickness: 7.5mm

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• Weight: 454g

• 64-bit A7 processor

• Price: 2,373 AED and up.

We liked:

The Weight: Weight has continued to be an issue for tablet technology until the release of the iPad Air. As its name suggests, and well done for nailing the branding once again Apple, this tablet is about as close to air as this technology could get. It is only 1 pound in weight. It has lost 33% of its weight from its predecessor and you can feel it when you hold it in one hand with absolute ease. You may feel like it will break too easy but that is not the case as it is made from solid pieces of aluminium, a much better deal than the plastic used by Apple’s competitors.

The Speed: Speed is something that annoys users all around the world everyday. In a world as faced paced as this, users want things now, now, now. Apple has delivered on this human instinct with the iPad Air, and even with our short time playing with this device; we could appreciate the speed quality. Apps opened quickly, even the larger apps, and downloads are completed in seconds.

We didn’t like:

Pixel Density: It seems that Apple has a way to go before it catches up with the likes of Android when it comes to pixel density. The display is great, don’t get us wrong, but Apple is far from where it once was crowned the sharpest tablet around.

Overall, Apple has bought out a clean, quality product just in time for Christmas sales. It is hard to criticise the iPad Air, as it is a remarkably fast and tiny piece of tablet technology. Two things are a cause for concern for Apple though:

• Firstly, before they launched this new app, forecasts suggested that Android will become the market leader with a 49.6% share versus Apple’s 48.6%. Where will this prediction lie now?

• Where will Apple go next? They have clearly developed a product that can’t possibly get much better aside the pixel density, and so they risk this product dying slowly into the background after the initial hype. How are they going to disrupt their own technology and bring out something bigger and better? iPad PRO is one rumour…

What do you think? Have they reached the end of the road or beaten the competition? Share your thoughts below!

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