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Responsive web design has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years and is now considered to be one of the best ways to design a website. One reason why, is because responsive web design looks really good on any device from smart TVs to smartphones so with society using so many different devices to surf the web, it is the most professional option for businesses. This blog highlights our handpicked, favourite responsive websites from the finance sector:

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Top 10 most responsive websites in the finance sector

Kiwi Bank

Not surprisingly, Kiwi bank comes from New Zealand and manages to use typographic elements really well to keep the design consistent across all smart devices. One notable element is the Kiwi phone app and its ability to attract customers instead of just being a login service. For example, their soon-to-launch HomeHunter app will help customers find their dream home as well as promote the Kiwi bank brand – pretty clever move.

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Simple strives to give customers a non-traditional banking experience. It seems as though the developers created the mobile version before they moved into the website design of the brand, not surprisingly, as the main service of Simple is mobile banking. The design is very consistent across all the platforms and it is very crisp and refreshing.

CedarStone Bank

Cedarstone just launched their new responsive site in August 2013 and they have done a fantastic job. The design is clean and consistent across each platform with cool features such as giving driving directions to your local branch on Google Maps while staying on the website. They have shown how a traditional method can be upgraded to a responsive website providing a great experience for website visitors.

Jyske Bank

Jyske decided to take action when they realized their customers were using the company’s old website on their phones to do their banking. The Danish bank set to work improving the customer experience and proved that a large website can be made responsive. The design is now consistent across all devices with clear navigation and links built for touch.

Gateway Bank

This modern design is amazing and shows how a traditional product can be updated dramatically. The way this site orders the more important elements from the less important is great and each link is easy to click on even on the smaller screen. Overall is it has a clean, logical and precise design across all platforms.

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