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Responsive web design is the only way to design your website in this day and age as it look amazing on all the devices of your audience, not just on a laptop, smart phone or tablet. You shouldn’t even consider having a website made that isn’t responsive and if your current website is out-dated it is time for an upgrade. Get some inspiration from these wonderful responsive sites in the education sector.​

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Top 5 Responsive Websites in Education

Lancaster University

Lancaster University has a clean and crisp website design that manages to be consistent across all the device platforms. The app is particularly special with the iLancaster Guest app that helps guest find information, restaurants, information on travel and so on whilst visiting the university. Their professionalism in a virtual world probably explains why they are ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world.​

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Harvard University

Perhaps less surprising, the Harvard responsive website is second to none. Universities can really utilise the colour consistency across their platforms and Harvard equally uses the Harvard crest. You can really tell they created the app after because it really excels in a user experience, looking similar to Apple itself. It shows how you can keep a traditional looking website but work in revolutionary features to improve usability.​

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation that promotes education for free for all people wherever they may live. The notable achievement this company has with their responsive website is not only the clean look but the way they have adapted this mountain of information and data onto an app. You can watch the 4,200 educational videos easily on the app, which serves perfectly to the expected users: teenagers.​


Treehouse is another website commendable for its revolutionary and fresh design with incredible graphics and buttons. This is a website aimed at adults or those looking to learn web design and apps, write code or start a business. Similarly to the Khan Academy, this design manages to organise masses of information in an easy to use package. Treehouse does not yet have a mobile app, just a tablet version and website. We are looking forward to seeing what they do with mobile.​

UC San Diego

Our final favourite educational responsive website is UC San Diego. They excel with their mobile service that, similarly to Harvard, offers a great user experience. The layout and usability of the app is laid out similar to Apple so it immediately triggers ease of use in users. Their website needs the most attention with some awkward open space issues.

Have you come across a responsive educational website that you were particularly impressed with recently? Tell us about it below.​

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