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Use the Same Social Media Platform as Your Target Audience

One can never claim to have definitively mastered social media marketing in Dubai or elsewhere, such are the constant changes that all of the popular platforms go through. But it isn't just the infrastructure of social networks that is open to change - it's also the sites that are in vogue at any one time, as well as who uses them.

The latter is an especially important consideration for those looking to make best use of social media for business purposes. To use your time well on social media marketing, you will need to know where your target audience 'lives'. This naturally depends on first knowing what constitutes your own firm's target audience, including their backgrounds, ages and likes.

Being completely aware of your company's target audience will enable you to share more appropriate content and information through your social media page, as well as choosing the right social media network in the first place. Pew Research Center has conducted insightful research into this subject, learning that of online adults, 71 per cent use Facebook, 17 per cent use Instagram, and 22 per cent are on LinkedIn.

The equivalent figures for Pinterest and Twitter, meanwhile, were 21 per cent and 18 per cent. But the figures went much deeper than that, also revealing - for example - that Instagram was most likely to attract partly college-educated African-Americans in the 18-29 age group, while for LinkedIn, 30-64 was a more typical age bracket, with non-Hispanic men predominating. Pinterest was revealed as a haven for women aged between 18 and 49.

Clearly, such differences help you to determine your company's most suitable social media 'home' - those targeting older white men, for example, are unlikely to be best-served by Instagram. Such knowledge of the right platform does need to be accompanied by an understanding of precisely what content your target audience will want to see. This knowledge can also be very useful in determining why certain content worked better on one social network than another. Simply posting the same content in another location can make a big difference to its effectiveness.

By better understanding your target audience and/or the audience that you would like to develop, you can begin matching the content to their requirements, on the right platform, thereby making better use of your time and budget for social media marketing in Dubai.

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