Conversion Rate Optimization

Once landing pages, email lists, social media channels, SEO and all other traffic drivers are setup it's time to optimize your conversion rate. This is a complex process due to the different layers and factors involved to create a conversion in the first place. There is not just one metric to track, but a whole layer of indicators leading up to one final conversion rate.


Your Advertisements will be linked directly to your online sales or enquiries, however in between your ad and the contact form there is a landing page, maybe additional content. If your online sales funnel is more advanced you may also acquire leads using social media, email lists etc. which makes it more complicated to optimize your conversion.

Ways to improve your conversion rate

A/B Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization

This technique can be used for ads or landing pages where half of the visitors see version A and the other half sees version B of your banner or page. A/B testing tools then track which version performs better and start showing the more successful version to more visitors to increase conversion. After collecting enough data you would then delete the version that performed worse try and create an even better version than the winner to further improve the conversion rate over time.

Multivariate Testing

This is very similar to A/B testing, but here you would not only have two versions to test, but even change content within each version to get a detailed view on which content works best. In other words it's like automating the process of creating a lot of A/B tests at the same time with similar pages

Heat Maps

Heat maps allow you to track how visitors interact with your website. You can track where users are clicking, how far they scroll etc.

User Flow

Using Google Analytics you can visualize and analyze our visitors user flow. This can give you insights into how users are navigating your site and where they exit. You can then try and optimize exit pages with additional links, content or call to actions.

UX/User Experience

Good user experience is essential to increase conversion rates. This does not only apply to websites, but to all online and offline channels an organization operates. Good UX makes users come back and also makes it easier for them to perform tasks. All the above techniques can help you to identify UX issues, but good UX design starts from the very first touch point with your brand. It doesn't matter if it is search, point of sale, web or mobile good UX matters and plays a big role in making happy customers.

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