Customer Relationship Management

Having a good CRM tool is essential part of any online marketing campaign. The days of moving Excel sheets around are over not only because of the vast amount of data and contacts a business has to process. Good CRM systems also have social media connectors that allow us to track users not only by their phone number or email address but also using their social profiles.

Customer Relationship Management

Since most online marketing revolves around generating leads it's essential to save contact information in a CRM system as it allows you to track and follow with leads and customers. Advanced CRM strategies mine and refine contacts by using funnel techniques, drip marketing and gradual data collection.

Here are a couple of simple CRM functions you could use:

  1. Create tailored messages and automate delivery to segmented groups.
  2. Setup reminders on follow up routines to keep users engaged.
  3. Capture leads through online and offline channels to segment them further.
  4. Track sales progress and opportunities as well as after sales and support.
  5. Track your campaign return on investment by the number of leads or sales generated.

A healthy CRM setup would allow a company to track leads and customers from and through all online channels. This means which customers signed up from a web page, who viewed your last email campaign and who bought product X in the last year.

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