Defining your Online Channels

We are getting to the fun part. It's time to define the channels you will be using to market your company online. Unfortunately, there is no formula to figure out which channels to use, but depending on your existing data and efforts there are a couple of recommendations:

  1. Evaluate, improve or ditch existing digital assets first.
  2. Start with activities that are a quick win and which will result in instant data, as this can be used as a baseline for future activities (Example PPC: Pay Per Click).
  3. It is important to have a content strategy in place before starting any online marketing activities.
Defining your Online Channels

For now, you can just write down some of the channels you think will work for our brand in the table below. In the next sections we will look at many channels and tactics and explain their pros and cons as well as look at how we can measure them.


PPC / Lead Gen$ 200.002$ 100.00
SEO$ 500.0015$ 33.33
Social Media$ 1,000.009$ 111.11
PPC / Newsletter$ 100.003$ 33.33
Direct Traffic
Organic Search

in the example above we have created two PPC campaigns each targeting a different KPI. This can help us to track results more efficiently.

Other points to consider:

  1. What existing channels do you operate (website, social media)?
  2. What new channels are you planning to implement?
  3. What other marketing activities are taking place (events, exhibitions, offline)?
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