Drip Marketing

Drip Marketing refers to the effort of creating junks of content that you "drip" into a pool of users in order to get them from A to Z, un-informed to informed, contact to lead to customer etc. Drip marketing is ideally highly automated and is using a CRM data as data source.

Drip Marketing
mailchimp.com offers a great automation tool for email marketing.

Some implementations could be:

Promotional: create promote multiple promotional messages that lead users to convert.

Top-of-Mind: send repeat information such as white papers or marketing material to stay top-of-mind.

Re-Engagement: follow up with old customers to get them again interested about your products and services.

Training: create a training program, eventually for staff or partners.


Moving target audiences between different channels is another good tactic for example converting Facebook fans to Twitter followers or email subscribers etc.

Drip marketing campaigns should be designed for your respective audience or segment and measured by evaluating the performance and conversion from one drip to another.

Here is an example Drip Marketing campaign:

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