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Drupal Developer

  • Drupal Developer.
  • 3+ years agency experience

We are looking for a Drupal Developer responsible for theming and backend development. This position requires a combination of programming skills (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, etc.).

Strong English and great communication skills are a must together with the ability to understand complex processes.


  1. Maintain an already existing Drupal CMS with multiple integrations
  2. Review and enhance the code architecture and structure
  3. Work on bug fixing and improving application performance
  4. Work closely with multiple teams to implement new features


  1. Have 4+ years of Drupal development experience
  2. Have built several Drupal websites (Drupal 7 and 8)
  3. Experience creating custom Drupal modules
  4. Solid Knowledge of PHP, PHP files and theme functions, and knowledge of the Drupal theme layer
  5. Strong experience in HTML5/CSS3
  6. Ability to convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working Drupal pages
  7. Experience working with jQuery and Bootstrap

How to apply.

Please submit your CV (including personal photo), cover letter and link to your portfolio to:

  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Email
  3. 3. Phone number
  4. 4. Company
  5. 5. Company website
  6. 6. Message