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Digital Transformation Consulting for Long Term Success

Our digital transformation agency in Miami provides analysis, consulting, and training services for companies that want to succeed in the ever-changing digital environment.

Contact us to know more about our innovative DSX program: a series of workshops for your teams to discover new digital opportunities.

Our digital transformation agency process

Digital Transformation in two simple steps

Using the latest technologies, we enhance your existing team by deploying a dedicated team of user experience, strategists, developers and testers that will work on your project from start to finish.

Plan designed by our digital transformation companies
Plan designed by our digital transformation agency
Plan designed by our digital transformation agency

A New Form of Digital Transformation Consulting

We understand the complexity and requirement to adjustment business processes, integrate with existing systems and securely exposing confidential data, and therefore start every app project with a detailed analysis to ensure all boxes are ticked.

  • Fastest time-to-value digital transformation framework
  • Reduce costs, by validating new digital initiatives
  • Avoid vendor lock-in, and stay in control of your digital future.

We Created a Proven Methodology to Streamline the Implementation of New Digital Channels

By applying our framework, you get access to the tools required to align all digital investments with your overarching business goals.

The outcome is a clear path for your leadership team to undertake digital transformation projects, including a clear path and priorities for your organization to focus on new opportunities and create competitive advantages.

Deep-Dive Digital Business Analysis Using an Agile Approach

Our program is designed to cover all aspects of your digital transformation project, so you don’t miss any important details and can avoid unforeseen surprises.

Empowering Your Leaders and Teams with Our DSX Program

The DSX program takes you through exercises such as customer journey mapping, purchase funnels, customer scenario mapping, and other practices to identify new digital opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a quick win, deep dive or long-term solution, we kit you out with the necessary tools, knowledge, and processes to create an instant impact on your business with measurable results.

Jaco Aucamp, Ecommerce Manager
arrow The professionalism Prototype displayed combined with genuine interest in resolving our concerns and meeting tight deadlines has exceeded my expectations. Look forward to working on our next project with Prototype.
Ali Inam, Head of Marketing
arrow I've had a wonderful experience working with the team. They've been on-point, strategic, and delivered to the brief and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

✔ Digital Strategy

Our Miami based team of experts works with you to define a holistic digital strategy for your business by analyzing, and improving your digital offering to achieve business goals.

✔ Digital Transformation

We help you to transform your business processes into digitally sound solutions resulting in a competitive edge, lower costs and increased revenue through digital services.

✔ Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

We can extend your team with the talent you require to accelerate digital change across the organization. Our user experience, technical and marketing teams can help you to increase digital maturity to outperform the competition.

✔ Technical Consulting

Through our full-service offering, we can design, implement and market your services and help you to take your business to the next level.

Our Digital Strategy Book
Our Digital Strategy Book

Which Type of Companies Benefit the Most from Our DSX Program?

The DSX program is suited to businesses that are looking to optimize their digital offering by creating a digital channel mix that ultimately contributes to their bottom line by saving operational cost, optimizing processes or generating revenue.

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What Do My Internal Teams Learn After Attending the DSX Program?

The workshops introduce you to the ten steps of our DSX Program that empower you in your digital transformation and help you to:

  • Creating measurement plans to validate digital initiatives
  • KPI management and setting the right targets for your business
  • Understanding your customer personas to drive sales
  • Creating customer scenarios to optimize experiences
  • Mapping customer journeys and identify new opportunities
  • Exploring your digital purchase funnel
Miami digital strategy workshop

Get Our Books on Digital Strategy and How to Drive Successful Digital Innovation Programs

We published two books on Digital Strategy that both provide a practical approach to digital transformation for enterprises operating in today’s fast-paced technology environment

Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation

Digital Strategy: A Guide to Digital Business Transformation

The book guides you through concepts such as how your Digital Strategy can serve your business objectives; creating, implementing, and maintaining your digital strategy; and ultimately discovering how your strategy can help you innovate altogether.

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Boardroom guide to Digital Accountability

Boardroom Guide to Digital Accountability

We know that today’s modern enterprise requires a way to assess their digital performance from the top management positions. Many executives are not equipped with the tools needed to quickly assess digital performance, measure success, and increase performance based on clear measurement plans.

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Three Types of Programs That Our Digital Transformation Company in Miami Offers

Our digital transformation consulting firm and team in Miami can support you using three different models depending on your project requirements.

DSX Challenger

One-on-one sessions perfect for companies that are looking for an initial strategy and the tools to kick-start their digital program.

What you get:

  • Briefing to capture critical business objectives
  • 1 x workshops for your internal teams based on our 10 step DSX framework
  • 1 x digital audit (UX, SEO or Marketing)
  • 2 hours follow up session to review findings and roadmap

Starting from $4,999

DSX Pioneer

We audit your digital channels, set KPIs and establish measurement plans resulting in a roadmap fully aligned with your business objectives.

What is included:

  • Briefing to capture key objectives
  • 1 x workshop for your internal teams based on our 10 step DSX framework
  • 5 x key stakeholder interviews
  • 3 x detailed digital audits including UX, SEO, and Digital Marketing
  • 1 x customer journey mapping and purchase funnel optimization
  • Creation of measurement plans for up to three assets including scorecards, strategy map, roadmap, and initiatives creation
  • Regular check-ins every three months

Starting from $14,999


Our DSXII program is a monthly plan to improve your digital performance. We run activities tailored to your specific needs and measure their impact on your bottom line.

Over 12 months you get:

  • Briefing to capture key objectives
  • 1 x workshop for your internal teams based on our 10 step DSX framework
  • 5 x key stakeholder interviews
  • 3 x detailed digital audit (UX, SEO or Digital Marketing)
  • 1 x customer journey mapping and purchase funnel optimization
  • Creation of measurement plans for up to four assets including scorecards, strategy map, roadmap, and initiatives creation
  • Regular check-ins every month
  • Monthly report on the digital performance of 2 key assets (i.e., web, app, social or marketing)

Starting from $2,999 per month

Tell us About Your Next Project and Receive a Free Consultation

Through a short initial consultation with our digital transformation consulting advisors, we can help you to save costs, avoid common pitfalls and recommend the methodology that is best for you to achieve your objectives. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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