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Beyond being a mobile application development agency, we create apps that address your business needs & delight your audience.
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Why Choose Our Mobile App Development Agency

Unlike other mobile app development agencies in UAE, we don’t just list down your requirements. We reduce the complexity of your project by understanding and adjusting your business processes, integrating with existing systems, and securely exposing business data. 

Our proven process guarantees to provide a winning app that solves your business goals and objectives.

  • Cut costs and guarantee app investment ROI
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve customer experience 
  • Custom integrations & APIs for easy app content management
  • High performing and clean code
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Our App Development Process


Mobile Strategy Development

We start with a series of small workshops to explore business objectives, system integrations as well as customer journeys.


UX Design

Our UX design team creates a plan to acquire, onboard, retain and win-back your mobile app users.


UI Design

The initial data will then guide our UI designers to create interfaces that are easy to use and delight users.


Business Model Validation

Part of our job is to test your app idea before the actual development starts, saving you time and money.


Agile Development

Our refined methodology combined with a modern tech stack and experienced mobile app developers allow us to deliver your app faster.


App Development Testing

Automatic testing and QA are integral parts of our operation and are implemented on every release.


Mobile App Marketing

Our mobile application development agency also offers app store optimization, user onboarding, engagement, and win-back strategies.


Analytics, Maintenance, and Improvements

Our additional monthly app SEO, analytics, and CRO programs can ensure that your app continuously performs at the highest standards.

What is the right technology for your app development project?

Our mobile app development agency can recommend whether your app should be developed using React Native for iOS and Android or as a PWA (Progressive Web Application).

Progressive Web Application Development

PWAs or Progressive Web Applications are web-based applications installed on users phones, but are also accessible like a regular web page.

Our Clients

Since 2010, our mobile app development agency in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has been catering to a multitude of businesses and industries, including software, telecommunications, logistics, media companies.

“It has been great to work with Prototype and to maintain contact with Alexander and his team. They provide good insights into innovative solutions and are super responsive to any requests we have.”

João Vieira
Head of Transformation, Chalhoub

"We have been working with Prototype for almost 4 years on different projects including CBD main website, 1st in the region Facebook branch, digital kiosks, online marketing, and have won many awards as a result. Since the start, they have maintained a high level of professionalism, teamwork, communication and continuous propositions of new digital initiatives.They are a true extension of our team and a very valued partner, and we look forward to achieving more successes together."

Achilles Manolopoulos
CBD, Head of Digital Channels

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With the mobile-first behavior of consumers today, companies have no choice but to build a strong foothold in the mobile world. Most large companies now have mobile applications that not only contain important information about their products and services but also allow users to interact directly with the brand such as paying for services, shopping online, streaming content, availing of discounts, and many more. Some apps are also designed to allow for a smoother and more efficient internal processes of organizations.
Prototype has the experience of developing user-friendly mobile applications that contribute to your business growth. Our process starts with a thorough research of your business objectives and current setup and conditions. This allows us to give you recommendations on how to best approach the app project and create an app that is tailor-made for you.
We specialize in the creation of mobile application user journeys and app flows, specifically the following distinct stages: acquiring, onboarding, retaining, and winning back your users. Our application development agency in Dubai use the latest and most advanced technologies and methodologies to create your app using less time and resources. This also guarantees that your app stays reliable and secure for a long time.
We've been recognized as one of the top mobile application development agencies in Dubai for creating innovative apps that delight users and ensure continuous usage and acquisition. We're trusted by the biggest brands not only in Dubai but in the MENA region as well. We've also worked with startups and medium-sized businesses in creating MVPs and complete apps.
If you need guidance on all stages of the app development - from conceptualization, full lifecycle design, product validation, app store marketing and more, we're the right hands-on partner for you.