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Afghan Premier League Website

The launch of the new Roshan Afghan Premier League (APL) in 2012 was big news
both locally and around the world.

Our job was to design and develop a complex, media-driven, Drupal CMS website for the APL, just two months before launch.


In addition to the tight deadline and complex functionality, the site needed to be delivered in three languages, English, Dari and Pashto.

It would be a mammoth task but we knew that with the best-practice processes we have in place our team could ensure the success of the project. We started by taking a step back and considering the site requirements from all perspectives.

We wrote a detailed specification for each module and worked closely with the client to ascertain how the site would be used, to ensure the system would work in the way the client needed it to.


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We created detailed wireframes for every view of the website then developed the site on the Drupal CMS platform – development took much less time than usual due to the intensive work already completed during the planning phase.

We approached the task of launching all three language versions of the site at the same time by following a clear, multilingual approach and good HTML/CSS implementation practices to pull it off smoothly.

The Concept

  • design concept
  • APL desicn
  • another design

Sitemap & Functionality

The core sections of the site include:

Homepage – a multimedia overview with links to the latest content updates

Match Day – detailed stats that can be filtered by year

Teams – detailed info with the system automatically displaying relevant picture galleries, videos and social media feeds

Gallery – links to featured and recent images and video

All content is made available in the three languages.

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The Design

We went for a classic sport league-style website while modernizing the design with a clean look, so the focus would be on the rich content.

The client provided us with nice logos, icons, and other APL branding, so we had good material to work with.

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Launch & outcomes

Thanks to a mighty team effort, an intensive and detail-focused approach in the early stages, implementing best-practice procedures, and being able to work closely with a responsive client, we were able to take a project in crisis and turn it around to deadline and to client satisfaction.
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Client feedback confirms the website CMS is very easy to use – a very important point as a lot of non-technical people need to update the site as news breaks.

The site went live in support of the lead up to and launch of the APL and a nation of excited football fans were able to access team, player and match information, and feel a part of the celebrated new league.

“Prototype has proven their ability to listen to our needs. They have demonstrated a lot of patience and professionalism and were able to answer our brief precisely. The final result exceeded our initial expectation. We will definitely work with Prototype again in the future.” — Jonathan FlenderHead of Marketing - Moby Group


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