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Aramex Windows Phone. Aramex

Prototype ported the existing Aramex iPhone application to the Windows Phone platform.

Aramex Windows Phone App



The design of the application was based on the Aramex brand guidelines as well as the Windows Phone design guidelines especially from the user experience perspective.

The use of large icons, buttons and categorizing information into panorama panels gives the user a nice experience when browsing through the application. Since the application was based on an existing iPhone application the differences in the native UI and UX between an iOS and Windows Phone 7 application had to be considered during the design. On Windows Phone 7 the navigation is usually more seamless using panorama views and pivot controls. To ensure the application would look and behave as per the clients requirements the first step was to plan the required application states in more detail which created the main application flow.

Manage shipments easily

Manage shipments easily

The Features

The application allows users to track their shipments by entering a shipment number and performing a global search returning the current progress.

The results are displayed including the current status of the shipment, together with the progress bar (show icon), the history of all locations the shipment went through as well as the shipment details. The user can save shipment numbers and add them to their favorites list for quick access. One of the features of the application is an office locator which shows all Aramex offices worldwide using Bing maps. The user can select a nearby office in order to view contact information and opening timings.

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