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1915 Digital Marketing

1915 by Seddiqi is a flagship concept destination for fashion watches and accessories in the Middle East. Part of the Seddiqi portfolio, 1915 by Seddiqi was created specifically to offer diverse watch and accessory options, excellent retail experience.

Prototype was appointed as the digital communications agency for 1915 including the creation of social media strategies, launch campaigns, blogger activation and the design of a brand new website for the brand.

Social Media Campaign

In charge of the social media presence for Ahmeds Seddiqis’ new fashion brand 1915 we came up with a competition around mother’s day. It was a simple but effective concept: Tell us why your mother is special and get the chance to win out of over 10,000AED worth of prizes. The competition was hosted on the 1915 Facebook page which we launched together with the first concept store.

The competition increased the fan based by over 2000% in just 2 weeks and had over 2000 people talking about it on social channels at peak times.


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To follow up the success we created more campaigns to promote the new brand on social media including blogger competitions or a locally relevant Ramadan campaign and a competition directly aimed at the creative heads of the UAE. Our social media team created a long terms social media strategy for 1915 and manages the constant fan engagement across social channels. Social media has since become an integrated part of the 1915 marketing strategy.

The Concept

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Sitemap & Functionality

The client was looking for a website that would translate the values and positioning of the new brand. The main idea was to create a website which would provide visitors with great content all around fashion, watches and latest trends.

This included content which would even go one step further, what are the hippest movies in town, what are the latest top travel destinations or the latest music albums to listen to. We had to combine product information, with lifestyle content while staying true to the core brand.

Our design process started with creating some early sketches and wireframes of the website based on the content structure. The idea was to design the website in a way where we could show content from multiple sources and of different type equally on the site.

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The Design

The final design reflected a magazine style application where users could explore different sections and content of the site straight from the homepage.

The different elements of the homepage would animate or change their content dynamically through user interaction.

The website was build using the content management system Drupal. Since the website has to be updated frequently and easily the CMS had to be setup to allow the client for easy content editing, multiple user roles and editing privileges.


The website and social media campaigns launched together with the opening of the 1915 Flagship store at Dubai’s famous Deira City Center. 

The event was attended by Dubais fashion elite, DJ’s, TV moderators and other celebrities. The homegrown band Abri was playing funky live tunes while the press could experience the new store and indulge in fingerfood.

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Prototype was broadcasting the event live through social media channels including short interviews with guests, pictures and videos.

The outcome was a successful launch of the new brand across all digital channels and a continuous engagement on social media including various campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social channels.


See it Live

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