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Business Banking Website. Commercial Bank Dubai

CBD Business Banking. Responsive banking website optimized for mobile & tablet devices.

Responsive banking website optimized for mobile & tablet devices.

Responsive banking website optimized for mobile & tablet devices.


Prototype Interactive was commissioned to rebuild the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s business banking website. The greatest feature of the new site was its ability to teach businesses how to start, manage, scale and protect their business all in one place.

The website layout was based on the existing personal banking website designed by Prototype as part of the bank's digital transformation program.


User Experience Design.

This website was designed with the user in mind, this means business owners and professionals on the go. Due to this it had to be fully optimized for mobile and tablet devices to suit the fast-paced lives of the target audience.

The mobile experience was a number priority for the client during the launch of the website and Prototype delivered a responsive design that adapts to any screen size and device type.

User Experience Design.
User Experience Design.

The solution.

Fully mobile optimized banking website built on Sitefinity CMS.

  • Traffic increase.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Platforms.
  • Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.

Technical info.

Self-assessment module.
One of the key features of the new site is to provide advice for businesses through a unique self-assessment module. This module teaches businesses how to open accounts, get business loans, seek protection and receive tips on how to scale, plan and improve their financials.
New wave of business owners.
The objective for this website for the Commercial Bank of Dubai was to reach out to medium business owners with a desire to grow their business. With this in mind, the website offers products such as business loans and business credit cards along with different types of savings and deposit accounts. The site also features a comprehensive ATM branch locator that specifically offers business services.
Fresh & inspiring image.
The goal in terms of design was to maintain elements of the main Commercial Bank of Dubai website but develop a slightly different brand appeal. The design relies on the use of imagery to create a young, dynamic and business feel.

Want to see it in action? Click this link to go to the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s business banking website.

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