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Interactive Map. Dubai Airports

Explore flights connecting to or from Dubai.

A new way of finding destinations for Dubai Airport customers.

A new way of finding destinations for Dubai Airport customers.

Innovative Interaction

Dubai Airports is truly connecting the world and wanted a way for users to explore the vast amount of destinations the airport offers every day.

Prototype designed an interactive experience that at the same time would help users to explore flight connections around the world. Users can navigate the world using an interactive map and explore all airports that have a connecting flight to Dubai. The user can then see the airlines and dates of incoming or outgoing flights.

Innovative Interaction
Innovative Interaction

User Experience & Interactivity.

The goal was to make the web application highly interactive at the same time add real value to the end user. This was achieved by making the different user journeys seamless and fast.

With two simple clicks a user can find all connecting flights to a destination airport or use the suggestive search to find the results at once. All this through a highly engaging experience.

User Experience & Interactivity.
User Experience & Interactivity.

The solution.

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Matt Horobin,<br>Head of Digital
arrow Prototype has been a valuable partner in delivering technical expertise mixed with strategic thinking and creative flair.

Technical info.

Social Sharing.
Users can share the contents & search results of the app directly on the favorite social media account by using a deep linking strategy.
Single Page Application.
The web app was developed as single page application (SPA) and therefore renders all the content and results without the need of page refresh. This approach made the application extremely fast and improved the overall user experience.
Custom Map Integration.
We used to create a custom map which was enhanced with new interaction to fulfill the needs of the application as well as a new look and feel that matched the application design.

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Interactive Map
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