The multitouch application for hospitals
that transforms patient visits into a digital experience.

table app

The assignment

Dubai Health Authority tasked us to create a proof of concept
using Pixelsense technology, multitouch and object recognition
to re-define the patient experience in hospitals.


The idea

Each hospital will be equipped with a Pixelsense device
which will show relevant information and allow users to explore practitioners,
find their way around the building or check in for their appointments.


Object recognition

Using object recognition users can see their appointments and check-in automatically
by simply placing their hospital health card on the table.

Hello Darek!
How are you doing today?

Name: Darek Ulanowicz
Age: 31Gender: Male
Height: 178 cmWeight: 77 kg
Nationality: Polish

Dr Abbas Iraj Azharian


Wed 28/10/2010

Dr Abbas Iraj Azharian

Cardiology Room 184 (level C)

Fri 15/11/2013

4:15 pm


Appointment info

  • 1 - Continue straight
  • 2 - Pass the Storage Room
  • 3 - Turn right and continue straight
  • 4 - Pass the Room 182
  • 5 - Turn left and go forward
  • 6 - The first room on your left is your destination point
  • Hours 00
  • Minutes 12
  • Seconds 11
untill your appointment

Mobile experience

The experience doesn’t stop at the device but is integrated into a mobile application
that will allow the user to continue where he left and provide directions,
approximate waiting time and entertainment during the wait.

More interaction

We took the application one step further and created an environment which would
allow the doctor and patient interact, view and explain subjects during
the consultation. This would also allow the doctor to see past medical history and files.

Dubai health authority pixelsense interactionsDubai health authority pixelsense interactions
Dubai health authority pixelsense interactions
Dubai health authority pixelsense interactions
Dubai health authority pixelsense - x-ray
Dubai health authority pixelsense - gym

Medical History

Darek Ulanowicz (Patient # 346)

Chief Complaint: Bilateral knee pain

The patient is a 31 yo Polish man with h/o sickle cell disease who presented to the ED with a 2 day h/o bilateral knee pain. The pain began Thursday morning at approx 4:00 am while the patient was working the night shift at a department store. The pain was described as aching and had a gradual onset. The patient had difficulty sleeping Thursday because of the pain. The pain continued to gradually increase in severity to an 8/10 today. The pain was exacerbated with walking or standing and was not significantly relieved with Percocet that the patient had by prescription. The knee pain is unlike any prior episode of pain crisis. The patient reports some chills and mild SOB, but denies fever, N/V, cough, chest pain, abdominal pain or recent trauma to the knees. In the ED, the pain was primarily localized to the right knee and was 8/10 in intensity. The patient was started on NS at 125ml/hr and received two doses (6mg and 8mg) of morphine.

Medical / Surgical History:
1. Sickle cell disease: Last pain crisis was while living in Turkey over 1 year ago. Followed by Dr. Ataga in Heme clinic at UNC.

2. Hospitalization at Wake Hospital in July for chest pain after being hit with basketball, but subsequently developed increased difficulty in breathing and fevers requiring hospitalization for approximately one week and received 3U PRBCs. Patient unclear whether he had pneumonia or acute chest syndrome.

3. h/o of stuttering priapism

4. h/o lower extremity ulcers

Family History:
The patient has two siblings with sickle cell disease. No family h/o arthritis, heart disease, DM, HTN, liver or kidney disease.

Allergies: NKDA

    Dossage: 1 tab Q4-6HR PRN
    325 mg
    Dossage: 2 tab / DAY
    5 mg
Pyhsical examHeart ratebBlood test
heart rate
Body Max index
blodd test

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