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Digital strategy for Microsoft's Biz4Afrika initiative.

Digital Strategy for the Biz4Afrika initiative

Digital Strategy for the Biz4Afrika initiative


Microsoft appointed Prototype Interactive to define the digital strategy for the Biz4Afrika initiative.

The project consisted of creating a digital platform for SME's across the MENA region that would allow them to collaborate and do business more effectively.

UX Design for multiple devices

User Experience Design.

The project started with a broad vision: to enable businesses in Africa to benefit from technology advancements in order to increase their efficiency and productivity across borders. Prototype was appointed at the early stages of the project and tasked to gather the business requirements, define the overall digital strategy and plan the full UX for the initiative across multiple platforms.

UX Design for multiple devices
Project Consulting

Project Consulting

Analysis, Specification, User Experience.

The project started with planning sessions involving the key stakeholders.

We created user flows and documentation to map out all the different parts of the development that included a web portal, partner engagements, online stores and branded assets. For each channel we created detailed wireframes and UX documents that would detail the functionality and expected outcome of each solution. We took the following steps:

  • Project analysis
  • Project strategy
  • Detailed UX and IA
  • Front-end development
  • On-going consultancy

Combining best industry practices

Combining best industry practices

The Solution.

The case included a large web portal that would allow users to collaborate online with some exciting features such as:

A full user and company directory similar to LinkedIn. Offers and promotions that would enable users to get access to tools and software as well as discount codes. Marketplace for users to buy and sell services or products. A full forum and knowledge-base section that users could learn about topics.

Multilingual responsive portal

Multilingual responsive portal

UX Design.

Prototype designed the UX and front end for the portal across multiple languages as well as mobile friendly/responsive.

The portal also made use of features such as social sharing, commenting and rating across all sections. The final phrase of the project involved Prototype monitoring the implementation of the portal on SharePoint through Microsoft's development team.

The long term strategy

The long term strategy

The Result.

Together with other initiatives, including the marketing and e-commerce solutions, Prototype Interactive created the building blocks of a long-term digital strategy for the 4Afrika initiative.

Looking back, there were two key areas that contributed towards the overall success of this project: the involvement in the early planning stages and the on-going consultation. This enable all project members to create a comprehensive offering that is being used by thousands of SME's across the MENA region.

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