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UX & UI Redesign

UX & UI Redesign For STC

UX & UI Redesign For STC

The Challenge

Prototype was appointed to redesign the website for Saudi Arabia's largest telecommunication provider STC. The project followed our UX design process including user research, information architecture, user journey mapping and user testing to ensure the perfect result for both customer and client.

The key challenge was the vast amount of content, product information and various user journeys that had to be taken into consideration to create a website that is available in 5 languages and caters to millions of users.

The Challenge
The Challenge

The Solution

The first step was to reinvent the information architecture of the site and design a new navigation system that would allow users to browse the website with ease.

We introduced contextual navigation elements which allowed users to focus on specific content while staying able to navigate further to related content sections at any point in time. Contextual information also meant that help and support information had to be made more accessible to users by directly embedding links and widgets in the content.

The Solution
The Solution

Guiding Principles

The STC website and mobile designs have been developed to be both customer-centric and making sure users always know where they are and where to go next, this achieved keeping the users' attention on the information presented.

The overall experience has been re-designed to create a coherent experience across desktop and mobile channels, make a clear offer with a linear narrative, make offers discoverable, and allow cross-sells and up-sells along the way.

User Testing to Ensure Results

Project quality was provided by ongoing user testing as well as focus groups that would evaluate, test and provide instant feedback during the design process.

User Testing to Ensure Results
User Testing to Ensure Results

Mobile Experience

With mobile traffic dominating it was important to focus on the mobile experience, therefore we designed each mobile screen separately to ensure pixel perfect results.

Mobile Experience
Mobile Experience

The Result

By applying our full-fledged creative process for experience design and UI, we created a new website for STC that delivers results and was in line with their new brand uplift.

  • Usability.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • Faster.
  • Access velocity.

Technical info.

User Research.
We conducted detailed user research to understand user behaviors, needs, and motivations by observing users interacting with the existing website.
User Testing.
By assigning real world tasks to users, we could see if they encounter problems or experience confusion.
Information Architecture.
Using card sorting and other techniques we organized the site structure and intelligence to create a highly contextual experience.

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