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Startup. Teach Teach Me

New website for Teach Teach Me. Dynamic, online teacher’s directory for Teach Teach Me.

Dynamic, online teacher’s directory for Teach Teach Me

Dynamic, online teacher’s directory for Teach Teach Me

The Teach Teach Me online community

Prototype was appointed to create and develop a website that allows students, interested in taking a certain course, to find teachers capable of giving that course within their local area.

Teach Teach Me removes the difficulty that currently exists when trying to find an independant teacher for numerous skills and specialties. The website is meant to provide an easy way to allow students to directly connect with teachers, and to provide courses themselves.

The Teach Teach Me online community
The Teach Teach Me online community

Initial State of the Project

Teach Teach Me approached Prototype with their business idea, which we developed further using our UX design process by creating the initial project specification, benchmarking the website against competitors or similar services, defining key user journeys and designing the application UI. The process involved not only application design techniques, but also understanding and designing the product offering itself.

Initial State of the Project
Initial State of the Project

Stages of the Project

  • Inception
    The idea behind Teach Teach Me was to allow people who have some extra time to monetize it by teaching what they are passionate about. The goal was to match the people who have something to teach to meet to those who want to learn something new.
  • Design
    The design concept was simple, clear and precise, similar to the aspirations of the founder of Teach Teach Me who emphasized how important it was to create an experience that would simplify searching for the right teacher at the closest location with the right set of skills. The logo symbolizes the concept and approach by combining the wittiness of a fox with the sharpness of a pen, all this while being creative with the execution which is what Teach Teach Me is all about: a multitude of skills in one marketplace.
  • Development
    The development for the project started with designing the best system architecture. The challenge was to produce a fast performant solution that could scale easily and provide an enhanced experience across multiple browsers. We also wanted to use newer technologies to ensure the website code would stay relevant for years to come. Our search led us to use Facebook’s React.js with Node.js in the background.
  • Brand and Communication
    Prototype also supported Teach Teach Me with their brand and communication creative. Prototype designed the logo and brand guides and developed a launch campaign that would best position the new brand in the market.

Stages of the Project
Stages of the Project

The solution.

The application is hosted on Amazon Web Services, using Nginx as a reverse proxy for the Node.js code.

  • Faster.
  • Node.js.
  • Performance.
  • React.js.

Technical info.

Isomorphic React application.
The final solution is a Isomorphic (universal) React application with Node.js as the backend. The whole application is written in React with Redux framework, which is a state container for javascript that makes it easy to manage the React application state in an organized immutable way
Design of the brand and communication strategy was part of the task and allowed the client to work with one agency to design and develop the entire solution.

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