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Time Out Dubai App. Microsoft

Time Out Dubai appointed Prototype to design the new Eating Out Windows Phone 7 application.

TimeOut Dubai App

TimeOut Dubai App


Time Out Dubai ( is the leading resource for local online listings and best known for their extensive database of restaurant reviews.

Time Out Dubai appointed Prototype to design the new Eating Out Windows Phone 7 application in order to provide users with instant restaurant information.

The Challenge

The Time Out Dubai website includes an extensive database of restaurants categorised by location, cuisine and price. In order to make this information accessible to Windows Phone 7 users, we had to develop an application that would seamlessly tap into this large resource and provide a smooth and convenient experience for on-the-go use.

The Features

The application allows users to browse the entire restaurant database and filter the results by location, cuisine or price.

They can also explore nearby restaurants due to the app making use of the phone's GPS and geo-location API. This ability to find nearby restaurants turned out to be a particularly successful feature of the application. When restaurants are selected the user can then read the exclusive Time Out reviews and also view address, phone, web and location information. The location of any restaurant can also be seen on a Bing maps screen, even if not nearby.

Easily top up your parking ticket

Easily top up your parking ticket

The Development Process

The development of Eating Out started with the creation of a working application skeleton which connected to live data for performance testing.

This was a crucial part of the app development as all data had to be loaded remotely from the website's database. The objective was to load the smallest data chunks possible, to make the application as responsive as possible. In order to create a seamless navigation experience we added subtle animations and loading transitions to the screens. This way, and under normal data connectivity conditions, delays during loading and displaying the data on the device are kept to a minimum, and sometimes barely noticeable.

The Result

The Eating Out application received great reviews from the client as well as end users for its simplicity as well as usability.

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