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Zing Online Shop E-commerce Website

Zing Pain Relief is a natural pain relief product providing a safe and easy method for relieving pain and discomfort using magnetic therapy. Small gold plated magnets are placed on acupressure points based on different treatment types.

Zing needed a fully functional ecommerce website interlinking with a social media marketing program.

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The Design

The design had to tackle two main challenges: create a stronger brand for Zing Pain Relief online and promote the products.

We decided to go big and bold and at the same time create user-friendly ecommerce site which would combine brand and product information.

We treated the images across the site consistently to be vibrant and lively in order to create a common look and feel for all other Zing communication.

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“Succinctly put – an efficient service with a great end product – we were delighted with the interaction, the follow up service and the whole journey with Prototype from start to finish.” — David DouglasManaging Director - Zing Pain Relief

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Setting up the cart

Instead of decoupling the e-commerce part from the product website we tightly integrated the two systems to ensure brand consistency across all parts of the site. The homepage would feature product information, promotions as well as direct access to all products.

This worked well for the products Zing is selling and gave website visitors direct access to the most important information right from the homepage. Users could checkout securely using Paypal or their Credit Card.


The Concept

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  • online shopping
  • shop design

The Result

An e-commerce site that is selling Zing Pain Relief products 24/7 in a convenient, secure and easy way and now became one of the top sales channels for their products.

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