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Download this comprehensive Content Marketing Budget Template from Prototype

Download - Content Marketing Budget Template

Download - Content Marketing Budget Template

Content stretches far beyond just posting a blog. You know that, and we know that too, but trying to convince other departments to invest in content creation and dissemination might be tricky if they don’t understand the value that content brings. Keep track of all your content expenses, from social media, to micro content created on Vine, videos on YouTube and design with this comprehensive Content Marketing Budget Template from Prototype.

Content can encompass many separate divisions, from graphics/design to blogging platforms to storage to freelancers. Content has a tendency to add up quickly when it comes to cost, so planning accordingly is important. Use this Content Marketing Budget Template to help structure your content spend appropriately.

The Content Marketing Budget Template will:

  • Help you plan your content marketing budget.
  • Let you compare your projected budget to your actual spend.

Page one: On this page you can fill in your projected expenses for the corresponding time periods and categories (e.g. design, publishing & freelancers etc.) and totals will be calculated automatically. You can then update the actual expenses table to see how well you're doing with regards to meeting to your budget.

Page two: This acts in the same way as page one but for your quarterly spend, instead of monthly. Having a quarterly report is great for setting long-term budget goals and for calculating any seasonal changes in your business that will cause the content budget to fluctuate. Sign up for your free template template today!

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