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Award-Winning React Native App Development Services

Our React Native app development service is specifically designed to address your business needs & delight your audience.

Miami & Dubai react app development agency

Why Choose Our React Native Development Agency for Your Next Project?

Our business analysts and system architects help you to reduce the complexity of your next app project. We do this by understanding and adjusting your business processes, integrate with existing systems and securely exposing confidential data to create a winning app.

Design wireframes used by our React Native app development company
Design wireframes used by our react app development company in Miami & Dubai
Design wireframes used by our react app development company in Miami & Dubai

In a mobile-first world, customers demand intuitive mobile experiences, but the complexity involved in creating and maintaining mobile applications has led many businesses to service their customers through third-party disruptors.

  • Cut costs and reduce time to market using native mobile application frameworks
  • Improve the customer experience through our special custom app design process
  • Start projects fast, deliver them faster

Validating your apps business model

We don’t just take requirements, and our job starts by profoundly understanding your business model. During the initial analysis phase, we discover with you all necessary system, data, and process adjustments.

OS-specific design principles

Our UX team specializes in designing mobile application interfaces that are easy to use, following platform-specific design principles and delight users.

Modern tech stack to deliver faster

Keeping up with technology changes can be daunting. Hence our development team builds native iOS and Android apps using React Native the leading mobile development framework used by Facebook, Skype, Tesla, Uber and many more.

React app development testing

Our React development agency uses continuous delivery tools to build and distribute test releases automatically, and our QA team ensures that each release gets tested on real hardware.

Full lifecycle design and marketing

App store optimization, user onboarding, engagement, and win-back strategies are part of our service to ensure your app project is successful.

We Developed React Apps for Many Amazing Customers

Since 2010 we are building apps for a multitude of businesses and industries, including apps for software companies, telecommunications, logistics, media and many other sectors that required a unique experience for their customers.

Miami & Dubai mobile app development agency
João Vieira, Head of Transformation
arrow It has been great to work with Prototype and to maintain contact with Alexander and his team. They provide good insights to innovative solutions and are super responsive to any requests we have.
Matt Horobin,<br>Head of Digital
arrow Prototype has been a valuable partner in delivering technical expertise mixed with strategic thinking and creative flair.
The app development process of our react native agency
The app development process of our react native agency

App projects can get complicated; that's why we start with conducting a series of small workshops and work with your team to explore business objectives, system integrations as well as customer journeys.

Our UX team specializes in the creation of mobile application user journeys and app flows. In particular, four distinct stages: acquire, onboard, retain and win-back your users. We believe in the power of testing, and use focus groups, user testing and usability labs to test your app before the actual development starts, saving you time and money.

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✔ Custom Integrations, APIs and Content Management

Our React Native app development team, led by our system architect, evaluates all required integrations, build required API endpoints and ensure you can manage your app's content efficiently. The result is a detailed technical specification document.

✔ DevOps & Hosting

Automated code reviews, continuous integration, and test-driven development ensure your final product stays, reliable, secure and maintainable over time.

✔ Analytics, Maintenance, and Improvements

At the end of the project, we make sure that your new app performs at the highest standards. We do this through monthly SEO, analytics and CRO programs that evaluate, adjust and improve your React Native app continuously.

What is the right technology for your React app development project?

Our agency in Miami & Dubai can recommend you whether the app should be developed using React Native for iOS and Android or as a PWA (Progressive Web Application).

React Native app development

  • Cross-platform native apps
  • Increase the speed of mobile development by 30%
  • Established Fortune 500 companies and hot new startups are using React Native today
  • One code base, and one optimization effort helps to maintain the app more efficiently

At Prototype we use the most advanced mobile application development platform on the market: React Native.

With React Native you can build mobile apps using only JavaScript, and then compile them into fast and limitless native applications. With React Native, we don't build a “web app”, “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app”.

The result is a real native mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps.

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications)

  • Can be used across multiple platforms
  • Access device native features such as offline storage, GPS, background tasks and push notifications
  • Build like a single page web application
  • Develop once and run on many different phones and devices including kiosks or desktops

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) are web-based applications installed on a users phone, but also accessible like a regular web page.

In comparison to web apps, PWAs offer additional functionality such as working offline, sending push notifications, and accessing device-specific features. This type of functionality was traditionally only available to native applications.

Tell us about your React application development project and receive a free consultation

Through a short initial consultation, we can help you to create detailed requirements for your app. We help you save costs, avoid common pitfalls and recommend the best methodology to achieve your objectives. Get in touch to learn more about our react native mobile app development company and discuss your app project.

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