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A UX Design Agency Specialized in Crafting Exceptional Experiences

Our proprietary UX process improves websites, apps, & other digital channels to deliver measurable results.

Example of UX project carried out by our User Experience company

Why choose our Dubai and Miami UX design company?

Managing the user experience across multiple channels and platforms can be a daunting task, however, our UX design service is specifically designed to create efficiencies, consistency, and alignment for businesses that are looking to take their digital maturity to the next level.

Our company has developed a User Experience Analysis Program to increase conversions
Our UI UX design agency has developed an analysis program to increase conversions
Our UI UX design agency has developed an analysis program to increase conversions

We Provide All the Expertise, Processes, and Tools That Will Help You to Delight Your Customers and Boost Conversions.

By gaining access to our multidisciplinary team of Strategists, UX, and UI designers you will be working with a team that is focusing on aligning your business objectives with your digital initiatives.

  • Deliver new channels with more consistency and faster
  • Speak a common design language across all your digital assets
  • Cut costs and maximize efficiency by reducing design debt

Setting Clear Goals for Every UX Initiative

As a UX agency, it is our responsibility to validate the performance of all UX initiatives and to help you measure their return on investment.

We Focus on Converting Visitors into Customers

From shortening your purchase funnel, improving usability or the positioning of digital services, our goal is to create value for your business.

Everything Gets Tested

It’s all about your customers, and without testing new experiences with real users, you are prone to rely on sheer assumption. We can help you to avoid wasted efforts and validate every step of the process through user testing and other methodologies.

High Fidelity Prototyping

We bring user interfaces to life by creating high-fidelity prototypes to save expensive development time and undesired iterations.

UX Design Services Case Studies

Our user experience portfolio showcases websites, mobile applications and touch screen applications across industries such as Technology, Telecommunications, Fashion, Real Estate, Healthcare, Finance and more. Please visit our user experience design portfolio

Some of Our User Experience Clients

Our user experience customers include Fortune 500 companies, startups and mid-sized companies that want to create a competitive advantage for their business.

UX agency customers
Jaco Aucamp, Ecommerce Manager
arrow The professionalism Prototype displayed combined with genuine interest in resolving our concerns and meeting tight deadlines has exceeded my expectations. Look forward to working on our next project with Prototype.
Ali Inam, Head of Marketing
arrow I've had a wonderful experience working with the team. They've been on-point, strategic, and delivered to the brief and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Experience design agency
Experience design agency

Our program will measure performance before and after, which gives you the freedom to focus on the business while our team is improving your numbers.

A dedicated team including a Digital Strategist, UX and SEO expert will perform an in-depth audit to identify challenges and opportunities. We will present you with a report that will provide you with clear guidance on how to enhance your online presence. All reports are qualitative and fully customized based on your requirements.

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✔ UX Research and Design to Validate New Concepts

We use various methodologies during the initial stages of the UX process to get a deep insight into your business. During our design days stakeholders, internal teams, or customers together with our strategy, design, and technical experts will team up to co-create new concepts and ideas in an agile fashion.

By utilizing the latest design, and technology tools, we create rapid prototypes that will allow you to test and validate new ideas instantly.

✔ UI Design and Design System

During the Design process, we will create design guidelines to make your solution more maintainable.

We follow the Atomic design methodology, that involves breaking the layout into its essential components and create an easy to maintain design system for future use.

We Offer User Experience Programs Depending on Your Specific Needs

We treat every client and project as a new challenge and adapt our way of working accordingly. No matter if you are planning to design a completely new website or app, or you are planning to enhance something existing, we are ready to help.

UX Design Sample

UX Design Program for New Implementations

When creating new websites, apps or other digital channels we can support you from the initial analysis to the final product design with our end-to-end UX design agency program.

We will help you in building the initial requirements, researching your audience, creating benchmarks, journey maps and more.

UX Design Performance Analysis

UX Analysis to Improve Existing Channels

If you have an existing digital channel and you want an expert to review and suggest improvements in performance, then our UX analysis program is the right choice for you

It includes an evaluation based on usability issues, conversion improvements, navigation structure, page layout, and design as well as the setup of additional tracking tools to measure customer behavior.

Tell us about your user experience project and receive a free initial consultation.

Speak to one of our consultants to explore how we can support your digital performance and set up a winning user experience program with clear KPIs and measurable results using our UX design services. Get in touch to discuss your UX UI project.

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