Prototype Interactive.

Experiences for Innovative Brands
RedfestDXB campaign.
RedfestDXB Microsite.
New website for Dubai Financial Market.
Web Portal.
Dubai Financial Market
Explore flights connecting to or from Dubai.
Interactive Map.
Dubai Airports
CBD Business Banking.
Business Banking Website.
Commercial Bank Dubai

Digital Agency, Dubai.

Prototype is an Interactive Agency based in Dubai Media City specialized in designing and developing digital solutions.

Since 2010 Prototype has continuously worked with leading brands from various industries across the region and contributed to shaping their digital presence.

Digital Strategy.
Digital Strategy

As a full-service digital agency we create fresh and flawless digital experiences for your brand to constantly stay ahead of the game and to maintain its competitive edge.

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Mobile Apps.
Mobile Apps

With over 40 apps developed we can share a vast amount of experience and help you to choose the right technology for your next app project.

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Web Design.
Web Design

Our dedicated team of web designers will take you through the full project life-cycle: from requirement analysis to planning, usability (UX), content creation, design and development.

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Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing

As one of Dubai’s leading digital agencies, Prototype offers a complete digital marketing solution that drives your business online.

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Inbound Marketing.
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is attraction marketing. Potential customers need to be able to find you at the right moment, then are guided through a smooth and automated process and finally converted into actual sales.

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Search Marketing.
Search Marketing

A search marketing strategy combines the use of search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) tools like Google AdWords, and routine content dissemination through a highly structured content marketing plan.

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Content Marketing.
Content Marketing

We take our content seriously, because content marketing drives all your online activities.

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Social Media.
Social Media

As a social media agency we connect brands with consumers on an emotional level, with a structured approach to establishing the right voice, key messaging, and experiences that your target audience will want to share.

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Sitefinity Consulting.
Sitefinity Consulting

From inline editing to unrestricted design flexibility, Sitefinity ensures a strong online presence for your brand.

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  • Aramex
  • Aseel Finance
  • Hugo Boss
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Dubai Airports
  • Dubai Financial Market
  • du
  • The Entertainer
  • Guess
  • MBC
  • Microsoft
  • Oman Insurance Company
  • Standard Chartered
  • STC
  • Volkswagen
  • FBN
  • Emirates

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