Creating your content strategy

Content, without any doubt, is the most important part of any online marketing campaign. Each channel and tactic that we will be using, requires content.

Creating your content strategy

a simple rule to follow is that better content will impact and improve all your efforts.

Content Ideas

Based on the Product Brief Worksheet we need to come up with content ideas that we can use as a basis to create the actual content to be published. The questions to ask would be:

  1. Do you have any existing content we can use?
  2. What content can be produced that your target audience would like to know about?
  3. Can your products and services be associated with any related content, news or events?

After this exercise you should end up with a list of headlines such as for example "10 tips to improve your online marketing" or "Explaining Customers how to operate Product X".

Content ideas of course could also include something more interactive like campaigns, promotions, videos etc.

The Content Calendar

The content calendar will outline the topics and type of content you will be creating during any given month. Content means text, images and videos produced for the campaign.

Once a calendar is approved it's all about creating the content and using it throughout the different online marketing channels. Content needs to be specific to the campaign and of high quality, in order to achieve best results.

Worksheet: Simple Content Calendar

TopicTypePublishing DateApproved
How to market onlineBlog11.11.15yes
Making of the blogVideo31.12.14pending
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