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The Digital Strategy Transformation Program

Our digital transformation program is a consultation service that starts with an in-depth workshop for your team to identify business improvement opportunities through new digital technologies.

The DSX digital strategy program is created by Alexander Rauser based on his books on digital strategy and transformation. It has been implemented by more than 200 companies to improve their digital channels.

Digital Strategy Program Session
Reading a Digital Strategy Book
Reading a Digital Strategy Book

What is DSX Digital Transformation Program?

The success of your digital strategy hinges on your customers’ experience.

What is your current digital strategy? Or strategies? Are you knee-deep in the trenches, wading through endless waves of new digital initiatives, creating new channels, and improving your sites and apps but not seeing much return on your time investment?

What if you could have all of your brand’s digital strategies in one place – in one, easy-to-navigate place – the results of which provide actionable ROI data?

The DSX Program helps you to implement solutions to meet your brand’s objectives with consumer insights and data as the backbone. Understanding the technology that plays a role in your customers’ lives and the ability to spot digital trends are some powerful additions to your digital transformation toolbelt. So, how to get there?

Begin with one of our digital strategy and transformation workshops.

Who is this digital transformation and strategy program for?

  • Businesses that are looking for a proven step by step approach that will audit, plan and enhance digital performance.
  • Companies who are seeking methods to improve their bottom line through saving operational cost, optimizing processes or driving more revenue.
  • Enterprises who are planning to enhance their customer experience by introducing new digital tools or optimizing existing channels to maximize performance.
Digital Strategy and Transformation Books

How does this digital strategy program help your company?

How many digital tools are you currently using in your business? Your website, customer relationship management software, marketing tools, apps, enterprise resource management, accounting software, social media – the list is endless.

Digital Strategy Program Plan and Book
Digital Strategy Program Plan and Book

Can you answer these questions, thoughtfully and honestly?

  • How do you make sure every digital initiative is contributing to your business goals and aligned with other implementations across the organization?

  • Can you measure their impact and ROI?

  • Do you have a clear strategic plan for enhancing them or adding new initiatives to the mix as you grow?

  • Is everything fully aligned with your customer journey to support sales or create better experiences?

The DSX digital transformation program captures the current state of your digital operations, identifies opportunities for improvement, ensures you can measure each tools’ performance, and shows you ways to improve the experience to get even better results.

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What is the result of the DSX program?

There are three entirely tangible deliverables from this digital transformation program:

Dashboard and Measurement Plan:

Shows the full picture of the company’s digital ecosystem (including KPIs) to measure performance. This also includes a plan to improve or adjust these KPIs, if necessary.

Customer Journey Map:

Shows the customer journey, the various digital touchpoints along the way, and how they integrate with the overall journey.

Strategy Map:

A plan that shows the initiatives the business needs to implement, and the order, to ensure it creates internal knowledge, adjusts related processes when necessary, and has the right platforms (digital tools) in place. In turn, this creates a positive business impact on a company’s goals.

DSX Consulting

Through applying the DSX method, Prototype will work with your company to help identify new digital transformation opportunities, across departments, that have remained unmet.

Digital Transformation Books
Digital Transformation Books

With the discovered data, Prototype builds a plan of initiatives just for you and oversees the execution, ensuring that each strategic objective is met. It means working within all departments to assist cross-functioning teams to discover, develop, and advance ideas that tie everything together – your brand’s goals and the needs of the consumer.

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Digital Strategy

The team of strategy experts at Prototype works with you to define and create an all-inclusive digital innovation program for your brand. We analyze your current strategies and tools, and improve your digital offering in an effort to achieve your company goals.

Digital Transformation

By helping you transform your everyday business operations into digitally sound solutions, your company can gain an edge over competition, lower costs, and increase revenue.

Digital Consulting

Prototype acts as an extension of your team with the talent necessary to rapidly accelerate a digital change across your organization. The UX, technical, and marketing teams at Prototype can help you reach digital maturity and outperform your competition.

Technical Consulting

Prototype’s full-service offering allows the range of motion necessary to design, implement, and market your products and/or services, taking your business to the next level.

These plans will effectively connect your brand with online consumers.

Understanding the technology that plays a role in your customers’ lives, and the ability to spot trends of the same, are some powerful additions to your digital transformation toolbelt.

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